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Long Chain Polyamides (LCPA) & Alloys for Injection Molded Parts

LCPA & alloys compared to PA6 or PA66:

  • Lower density
  • Higher chemical resistance (e.g. fuel, acids, ZnCl2, coolant)
  • Higher heat resistance (at iso stabilization)
  • Low moisture uptake: dimensional stability and consistent mechanical properties


Long chain PPA compared to PA6T/6X:

  • Higher chemical resistance (e.g. flex fuel, acids, coolant)
  • Can be molded in PA12 molds (same shrinkage)
  • Low moisture uptake (dimensional stability)

Grades for Injection Molding

PA11 Rilsan® BMNO TL Unreinforced
Rilsan® BMVO TL  Unreinforced
Rilsan® BZM 8 OTL  8% glass fibers
Rilsan® BZM 30 Noir TL  30% glass fibers
PA12 Rilsamid® AMN P20 TL  Unreinforced, plasticized
Rilsamid® AZM 23 Noir T6LD  23% glass fibers
Rilsamid® AZM 30 O or Noir or Green T6LD  30% glass fibers
Rilsamid® ASR13  Conductive, carbon fibers
PAxy (new) Rilsan® SZM 30 Black TLD  PA610, 30% glass fibers
Long chain
Rilsan® HT CZM30 Black TLD  High temperature, high chemical resistance, 30% glass fibers
Rilsan® HT CSR13 High temperature, high chemical resistance, conductive, carbon fibers
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