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Optics, Eyewear

Frames and lenses for glasses, goggles, protective eyewear, and other optical applications require lightness and high impact resistance from transparent yet flexible polymers. Full portfolio of biobased options.


High Transparency

Transparency is important to allow for creative and beautiful design of glasses. Rilsan® Clear resins can even be more tranparent than glass.


Graph showing percent (%) transmittance of Rilsan® vs other materials.

Lightweight Resins

Compared to alternative transparent materials like PMMA, PC, and PEI, Rilsan® and Pebax® solutions are much lighter without sacrificing strength and toughness. 


Chart showing density of Rilsan® vs other materials.

Biobased Solutions

The Rilsan® Clear and Pebax® Rnew® product ranges both have partially biobased grades, up to 65%.  This is acheived by putting oil from castor seeds through a series of chemical reactions before it is ultimately polymerized into high performance, long chain polyamide resins. These resins are also BPA and BPS free.


Diagram showing manufacturing process of Rilsan® Clear

Rilsan® Clear

For biobased transparency

  • Partially biobased
  • Lightweight
  • High transparency
  • Flexibility for comfort
  • Chemical resistance
Spider chart showing UV resistance, flexibility, impact resistance, heat distortion temperature, transparency, lightweight, and environmental stress cracking resistance of Rilsan® vs other materials.

Pebax® Rnew®

For biobased soft touch

  • Wide range of flexibility
  • Partially biobased
  • Lightweight
  • High impact resistance
  • Good overmolding with Rilsan® Clear (soft rigidity)

Pebax® Clear

For transparent flexibility

  • Excellent resilience
  • Soft touch feeling
  • Short cycle time
  • Good for nose piece application
  • Good overmolding with Rilsan® Clear for multicolor designs


Pictograph showing various applications of Rilsan® Clear


High performance eyewear frames are an excellent application for Rilsan® Clear, Pebax® Rnew®, and Pebax® Clear resins. Reading glasses, sunglasses, saftey glasses and goggles, and winter sports goggles demand high performance materials to get the job done.

Recommended grades

  • For eyeglass frames:
    • Rilsan® Clear G850 Rnew® (Datasheet US/SI)
    • Pebax® Rnew® 70R53 (Datasheet US/SI)
    • Pebax® Clear 1200
  • For goggle frames:
    • Pebax® Rnew® 60R53
    • Pebax® Clear 400 (Datasheet US/SI)
  • For lenses
    • Masterbatch for UV400 
    • Contact our team

Let's Run Together

Our range of materials is constantly growing.  As the market demands higher performance materials we will continue to develop innovative solutions.  Our global team of engineers is eager to work on new developments and design creative solutions for your material needs.  Contact our team today to start your development.


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