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An Extreme World Needs Extreme Materials


Chemical engineers across the world know the Kynar® brand for its tremendous chemical resistance, high purity, flame and smoke properties and its ease of processing on standard extrusion equipments.


Architects know the brand for its unmatched resistance to sunlight and UV degradation.


For construction coatings information: www.kynar500.com  www.kynaraquatec.com 


The Pebax® family is most famous in the sports market, where the world's leading brands relate to its extreme energy return and its tremendous lightness. Many of the current world records in track and field have been set by athletes wearing shoes that are propelled by Pebax® polymers. The Pebax® family is also well known in industrial circles where certain grades are chosen for their inherent permanent antistatic and water vapor breathability properties. Medical device manufacturers (particularly catheters) choose Pebax® polymers for their tremendous flexibility, maneuverability and torque translational efficiency.


The Rilsan® brand is most famous in the Oil & Gas and Automotive markets. Rilsan® PA11 has become known as a premium biobased resin for extreme toughness, resistance and light weighting. Recent innovations extend the reach of the Rilsan® family into higher temperature applications that also require flexibility and maneuverability. And Rilsan® Fine Powders (finished powder coatings) are chosen for extreme toughness and durability as well as their outstanding strength in 3D printed objects. Also included in the Rilsan family is the Orgasol® family of powder additives - designed to yield outstanding particle size control and tremendous toughness and surface protection in a wide array of coatings and 3D printed objects.


For cosmetics additives information: www.orgasolcosmetics.com

For powder coatings information: www.rilsanfinepowders.com 

For powder additives for industrial/coatings: www.orgasolpowders.com 

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