Chemical Processing Industry (CPI)

Kynar® PVDF solutions for high purity and highly chemically resistant pipes, fittings and components.

Kynar® PVDF and Kepstan® PEKK solutions are specified for some of the most demanding chemical environments in the world.

For chemical processing applications requiring high temperature resistance, tremendous chemical resistance, and exceptional barrier properties, Kepstan® PEKK  and Kynar® PVDF resins offer truly extreme performance.Such applications often include valves, barrier films, protective coatings, and chemically resistant labels.

Kynar® PVDF - a Standout Fluoropolymer for CPI

When it comes to the most demanding applications in the chemical process industry, fluoropolymers are famous for their tremendous chemical resistance and overall durability. Kynar® PVDF has the best balance of mechanical properties and melt processability among all the fluoropolymers. Rigid, flexible and highly flexible grades are available.


Chemical Resistance Testing (6 Month Outdoor Exposure)

Chemical Reagent

Kynar Flex® 2800

Kynar Flex® 2850

Kynar® 740/720

Tensile Strength at Yield Control Specifications ASTMD638

(2900 – 3900) psi

(20-27) MPa

(4500-5500) psi

(31-38) MPa

(6000-8000) psi

(41-55) MPa

Nitric Acid (71%)

3100 psi

5000 psi

6400 psi

Hydrofluoric Acid (49%)

3100 psi

5200 psi

7000 psi

Sulfuric Acid (96%)

3100 psi

4900 psi

6600 psi

Hydrochloric Acid Shielded Sample (37%)

3200 psi

Not Tested

6800 psi

Acetic Acid (50%)

3300 psi

5000 psi

6600 psi

Sodium Hypochlorite (5%)

3100 psi

4800 psi

6500 psi

Liquid Bromine

3100 psi

4800 psi

6500 psi

Iodine (10%)

3200 psi

4800 psi

6600 psi

Acetone (10%)

3400 psi

5100 psi

6400 psi

Methylene Chloride

3000 psi

4300 psi

6200 psi

Ethylene Glycol

3400 psi

5000 psi

6900 psi

Distilled Water

3200 psi

5000 psi

6800 psi

Note: PSI = MPa/145

For More Data:

> Kynar® PVDF: Chemical Resistance Chart

Typical Applications

Design engineers all over the world know it by name - Kynar® PVDF. The brand is synonymous with quality, purity and performance.


Typical applications include stock shapes (machinable rods and sheets), tubing, molding, piping, tower packing, filters and compounds for many of the following.


  • Pulp and paper processing - resistant to common bleaching agents
  • Metal preparation - resistant to high temperature acids
  • Petrochemicals - resistant to alkylation acids and hydrocarbon mixtures
  • Food and beverage - FDA listing, resistant to steam cleaning, acidic foods, and harsh chemical sterilization techniques like peracetic acid (PAA) and bleach
  • Waste water treatment - resistant to chemical mixtures, outdoor and UV exposure, and halogenated cleaning agents
  • Pesticides - resistant to halogenated solvents; low permeation
  • General chemical processing - resistant to a wide range of pH exposures pH<1 to 13.5
  • Semi-conductor manufacture - very high purity water, resistant to acids and ozone
  • Pharmaceutical / Biotech - resistant to ozone and steam sterilization, FDA compliant, resistant to a wide array of acids
  • Plenum pipe - resistant to acid waste drainage, ASTM E84 compliant
  • Nuclear waste processing - resistant to repeated radiation exposure and hot acid washes
  • Chemically resistant powder coatings

Suggested Applications

The high heat resistance, low permeability and high mechanical strength of Kynar® PVDF makes it a strong candidate for the production, storage and transfer of highly corrosive fluids.


Stock Shapes: Kynar® 740, Kynar®1000HD, Kynar Flex® 2850, and Kynar Flex® 2800.

Molding: Kynar® 720, Kynar® 9000HD, and select Kynar Flex® grades.

Plenum Pipe: Kynar® 740-02 ,Kynar® 1000HD and Kynar Flex® 2850-02.

Rigid Pipe: Kynar® 740, Kynar® 740 Red, and Kynar® 1000HD.

Flexible Tubing: Kynar Flex® resins.

*More grades of Kynar® PVDF are available. Contact your local Kynar® PVDF rep to make the right grade selection for your application.


  • Kynar® 1000HD Datasheet US/SI 
  • Kynar® 9000HD Datasheet US/SI
  • Kynar® 740 Datasheet US/SI
  • Kynar® 720 Datasheet US/SI
  • Kynar Flex® 2850 US/SI
  • Kynar Flex® 2800 Datasheet US/SI
  • Kynar Flex® 2750 US/SI
  • Kynar Superflex® 2500 Datasheet US/SI


High Whiteness Retention in Prolonged Chemical Exposure


Kynar® 1000 series: High whiteness and Whiteness retention

Kynar® 700 series: Flagship product line with excellent performance balance

Kynar® UHM: Glass filled for higher stiffness (modulus)

Kynar® Flex series: Flexible copolymers with a wide range of flexural modulus properties

Smoother Surface = Less Build-Up



Kynar® emulsion process PVDF generally exhibits a smooth surface finish with fewer nucleation voids for entrapment of contaminants. This equates to less bacterial build-up, and a higher purity polymer.

chemical process industry kynar® simona


Kynar® PVDF Sheet & Stock Shapes. Courtesy of Simona AG

Kynar® PVDF resin-coatings


Kynar® PVDF Tubing, Fittings, Tower Packing

Kynar® PVDF lined tank


Kynar® PVDF Dual Laminate Tank

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