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Nylon Filaments

Long chain Rilsan® and Rilsamid® resins offer improved flexibility and high-moisture dimensional stability compared to commodity nylon grades.


Street cleaner truck with blue plastic brushes underneath

Typical Applications

Commodity nylon polymers (PA 6 and PA 66) typically make excellent choices for highly abrasion resistant heavy duty filaments. Their propensity to absorb moisture, however, and their inherest stiffness/rigidity sometimes limits their field of use. In such applications, longer chain polyamide resins are generally preferred.


Applications include:


  • Fishing lines
  • Weed trimmers ("strimmers")
  • Car wash brushes
  • Industrial brushes and abrasive pads
  • Burnishing/buffing pads
  • Toothbrushes
  • Escalator side-brushes
  • Industrial filter fabrics

Improved Flexibility and Lower Moisture Pickup

Rilsamid® D PA 612 grades - improved dimensional stability in high humidity


Rilsan® S PA 610 grades - partially biobased (typically ~60%, ASTM 6866)


Rilsamid® PA12 grades - much higher flexibility and much lower moisture pickup


Rilsan T® PA 1010 grades - 100% biobased (ASTM 6866)


Rilsan® PA11 grades - premium performance; 100% biobased (ASTM 6866)

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