Food and Beverage Processing

Whether looking for chemical resistance, flexibility, heat resistance or any other characteristics valuable for the Food & Beverage Processing industry, Arkema has customized grades under the brands Kynar®, Rilsan®, Pebax®, and Orgalloy®.

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Focus On: Kynar® PVDF

When your food and beverage processing calls for high temperature capability and extreme chemical resistance, while still maintaining mechanical strength and regulatory compliance, certain grades of Kynar® resins are an ideal solution.

Industry Specification Conformity

Certain grades of Kynar® and Kynar Flex® resins conform to specifications and requirements for the food processing industry, including FDA 177.2510 and 177.2600 for Repeated Contact with Food, CRC Kosher, NSF 51 & 61, and USP Class 6. Kynar Flex® can be combined with polyurethanes and other structural polymers to form very flexible tubes for beverage processing.  An inner layer of Kynar Flex® resin provides excellent chemical resistance and a low propensity to absorb flavors from previous beverage exposure.


Raspberries traveling on a food processing belt

Chemical Resistance

Kynar® PVDF pipes, pumps, tubing and tanks stand up to many cycles of chlorinated cleaning agents, peroxides, acids, soaps, and hot steam cleaning to 30 psi. Pipe and tubing systems in many diameters are available as mechanically joined, threaded, or fusion welded. The flexibility of Kynar® PVDF and Kynar Flex® PVDF can be varied without the use of additives to meet the needs for rigid systems or flexible hoses and tubes. 


Kynar® Homopolymer Resin Chemical Resistance Graph

Applications in Food Processing

  • Beer
  • Wine and other alcoholic beverages
  • Fruit juices
  • Dairy products
  • Meat and poultry
  • Soft drink dispensers
  • Coffee dispensers
  • Hot sauces and condiments


Kynar® resins can be fused together to any other grade of Kynar® resins in various methods allowing you to have a complete solution for your processing needs.


Kynar® PVDF Beverage Processing Tubes and Connectors

Kynar® PVDF Advantages Over Stainless Steel

Non-corroding = no rust Non-wetting/easy release Chemically inert
Minimal metallic content = minimal leaching High purity/no metallic poisoning or taste issues Can clean with aggressive chemicals
Broad range of process equipment components  Lightweight  Safety - no sharp edges


Application Examples: piping/tubing, pumps, valves, seals, liquid dispensing equipment, water fittings, wire insulation, rollers, conveyors, wheels/gears, housings, structural components, and many more!

Technical Data for Kynar® PVDF

  • 1 / 3
    Chemical Resistance of Kynar® Homopolymer Resin vs. Other Plastics
  • 2 / 3
    Flexural Creep of Select Kynar® Resin at High stresses as a Function of Time and Temperature
  • 3 / 3
    Tensile Modulus vs. Temperature for Various Kynar® Grades

Focus On: Rilsan® Resins

Produced from castor oil, Rilsan® PA11 is a high-performance polymer of 100% renewable origin. Rilsan® PA11 has been a trusted source of performance in highly demanding applications for over 70 years.

Beverage Dispensing

Rilsan® PA11 High Purity Tubing for the Beverage Market

The inert nature of Rilsan® PA11 allow it to be used safely and efficiently in the beverage market. Rilsan® PA11 has characteristics which work for Beer and Soda dispensing: 


  • Low permeation - Taste of beverage is not affected
  • Low extractables - No contamination of beverages
  • Chemical resistance - Easy to clean and maintain


Food Processing

Ravioli traveling on food processing belts

Rilsan® PA11 and Pebax® grades can be used for food processing belts and bumpers because of their unique characteristics: 


  • Light weight - Allows for longer belts
  • Flexible - Maintain flexibility at low and high temperatures
  • Inert to most chemicals - Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable - Have lasting power for cost efficiency
  • Low creep - Maintains its structural integrity

Rilsan® PA11 Applications

The unique chemical inertness of Rilsan® PA11 make it ideal for many different applications:

  • Food Contact Appliances - Rilsan® Clear G170 (Datasheet US/SI) and Rilsan® Clear G850 Rnew (Datasheet US/SI) are certified food contact approved grades by NSF/ANSI 51 making them ideal for consumer appliances such as coffee makers and microwaves.
  • Candy Trays - Excellent cold impact performance (-40°C) means trays can take abuse
  • Food Display Trays - Can be steamed and/or microwaved while staying transparent
  • Cheese/Bread Boxes - Paired with Arkema breathable membranes, can keep food fresh and flavorful
  • Other - Contact an Arkema technical representative today to discuss how Rilsan® PA11 can be used for your food and beverage processing need. 


Stacked food processing trays

Technical Data for Rilsan® Grades

  • 1 / 5
  • 2 / 5
  • 3 / 5
  • 4 / 5
  • 5 / 5

Orgalloy® Polyamide Alloys

Orgalloy® grades are proprietary compatibilized alloys of PA6 and functionalized polyolefins. They are designed to offer improved dimensional stability, lower density and better mechanical properties than PA6 and PA66 resins. Their important chemical and physical properties combined with economic and process advantages allow them to be used in a variety of ways in the Food & Beverage market. 

Focus On: Coatings for Metal Protection

Rilsan® Fine Powders

Using Rilsan® Fine Powders as a coating in food processing will extend the life of your equipment promoting cost effective manufacturing. 


Rilsan® Fine Powders are applied to metal applications such as dough mixing hooks, processing bowls, and beverage dispensing machines making the equipment corrosion resistant. 


If you have equipment which is subject to abrasion, scratching, corrosion or harsh cleaning agents, Rilsan® Fine Powders have excellent characteristics for the job at hand. 



Single serving coffee maker

Industry Specification Conformity

Certain grades of Rilsan® have current industry approvals, while most others can conform to requirements. 


Current Full FDA Approval:

  • Rilsan® T NAT 2P (natural fluid-bed grade)
  • Rilsan® NATURAL ES (natural electrostatic grade – this has a semi-translucent finish)
  • Rilsan® 7050 White FB (white fluid-bed grade)


NSF61 Approval: 

  • Rilsan® 7443 Blue MAC FB
  • Rilsan® 7450 Black AC FB
  • Rilsan® 5161 Grey MAC FB
  • Rilsan® 1464 White EC ES


Industrial dough mixers with metal and plastic components
Cookies traveling on a manufacturing belt

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