Automotive and industrial vehicles

Rilsan® PA11 coatings offer exceptional abrasion and oil resistance for long-lasting use in automotive and transportation applications.

Specific properties

  • Exceptional abrasion resistance
  • Thermal and chemical resistance, including inertness to oils
  • Flexibility and machining suitability
  • Low friction coefficient (smooth)
  • Noise and vibration dampening (squeak and rattle applications)
  • Very good impact resistance
  • Electrical insulation (download our infosheet)


  • Spline shafts
  • Sliding door and seat rails
  • Springs, brackets, clips and safety belt fasteners
  • Battery housings
  • Fuel and break lines
  • Hand rails and safety equipment
  • Straps
  • Bus bars

Main grades

Spline shafts & steering columns

  • T NAT BHV 2 (SS) - Dipping
  • T Grey 9100 HV (SC) - Dipping
  • T BLEU 5019 BVAC (SS) - Dipping


Auto interior/exterior

  • T Black 7450 AC - Dipping
  • RDP Black FB - Dipping
  • T Yellow 7379 MAC (Ext) - Dipping
  • ES Black 625 MACA (Ext) - Electrospray
  • ESY Black 7298 (Ext) - Electrospray
  • Pebax ES Black 9002 (Ext) - Electrospray

Discover our full range of polyamides for automotive & industrial vehicles applications

Arkema offers the widest range of long-chain polyamide grades dedicated to the transportation industry.



PA 11

Industry reference material for fluid transfer tubings


PA 12

Industry standard material for fluid transfer tubings

Rilsan® HT

Long chain PPA

Unique flexible material for very high temperature metal-rubber tubing substitution

Rilsan® T

PA 10.10

Optimum tubing solution for higher pressures and temperatures

Rilsan® S

PA 6.10

Closing the gap between PA6.6 & PA12 for injection molding applications

Rilsan® Tieflex

Long-chain PA alloys

Structural tie layers with best price-performance compromise in multilayer tubings

Rilsan® Evolution

Long-chain PA alloys

Going further with PA11 in taylor-made tubings applications


PA-polyolefin alloys

Light and impermeable competitive material for tanks and tubings

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