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Lightweight polymer solutions are vital to innovation in the sports industry. Components that can maintain toughness and energy return without weighing down athletes are necessary to push them faster and further.  

Girl Running on Mountainside


Running Shoe Components

 Pebax Powered® Wave Rider 20  running shoe

There are many parts of a running shoe that can be enhanced with Pebax® elastomers. Midsole components like the torsion bars and plates, along with other components like heel counters are great applications for Pebax® resins. These lightweight polymers provide high energy return that world champion runners recognize. A wide range from soft and flexible to hard and rigid grades makes for a wide spectrum of uses.


For even more structure and snapback properties, glass and carbon fiber filled Pebax® and Rilsan® components can be incorporated into foam midsoles. This combination allows for comfortable, lightweight constructions to produce high energy return.

Suggested grades to start your development:

  • Pebax® 40 Shore D to 70 Shore D
  • Filled Pebax® and Rilsan® grades for more rigidity:
    • Rilsan® BSR30 (carbon fiber) (Datasheet US/SI)
    • Rilsan® BZM8 O TL (glass fiber) (Datasheet US/SI)
    • Rilsan® BZM7 O TL (glass fiber) 
    • Carbon fiber filled Pebax® masterbatch for customized rigidity
  • Pebax® Clear 1200


Low melt temperature adhesives for thermoforming uppers are also available in the Platamid® product range. In the form of fusable filaments (yarn), Platamid® resins can bring the 3D shape to footwear and maintain it over time. Learn more about Platamid® hot melt adhesives.

Cleated Shoe Components

PUMA® evoPower Soccer Cleat

Outsole plates are used widely for cleated footwear. The lightweight rigidity and high energy return of Pebax® TPE is the reason why many professional athletes choose Pebax Powered® cleats. Where extreme rigidity is required like baseball, football, and soccer cleats, glass fiber and carbon fiber (for reduced weight) filled grades are available. For added design flexibility, transparent Pebax® Clear grades are also available.


For cleated footwear especially, the Ross Flex test is an important indicator for long-lasting, high performance cleats. Pebax® and Rilsan® grades can endure more than 50,000 cycles, even at cold temperatures (-40ºC) and up to a 90º bend angle without breaking.

Suggested grades to start your development:

  • Pebax® 63R53 SP 01
  • Pebax® Rnew® 40R53 SP 01 (Datasheet US/SI)
  • Rilsan® BZM30 (glass fiber) (Datasheet US/SI)
  • Rilsan® BZM8 O TL (glass fiber) (Datasheet US/SI)
  • Rilsan® BZM7 O TL (glass fiber) 
  • Pebax® Clear 1200 (Datasheet US/SI)
  • Some Pebax® grades can be foamed. Currently used by several partners. Contact our team for more information below.

Equipment Components

Pebax Powered® cyclistLightweighting bike components is essential for cyclist to go faster and further. Seat (saddle) components and many other plastic bike components can utilize the high strength and toughness of Pebax® and Rilsan® resins while reducing the overall weight of the bike. 

Suggested grades to start your development:

  • Rilsan® BSR30 (carbon fiber, biobased) (Datasheet US/SI)
  • Rilsan® BZM30 (glass filled, biobased) (Datasheet US/SI)

Pebax Powered® Golf Shoes, Golf Ball, PutterPebax® resins can be used in golf applications such as the mantle layers for balls, plastic inserts for clubs (e.g. putter face), and of course, shoe components.

Pebax Powered® tennis playerTennis racket bumpers are an excellent application for Pebax® and Rilsan® resins. The lightweight shock resistance produces a more agile and durable racket, which is why these resins are found in many of the players on the ATP World Tour. The badminton shuttlecock skirt is also a great application for Rilan® resins for its impact resistance, resilience, and ability to quickly regain its original shape. Rilsan® BMV White 5 P20 D is a grade specifically designed for the shuttlecock skirt.


Breathable and Waterproof Films

Breathable Pebax FilmThe Pebax® range includes grades that can be processed into breathable, waterproof, monolithic films. These films have a high MVTR (moisture vapor transfer rate) and excellent tear strength that won't weigh down athletes. Our team works with partners film makers and laminators that can provide Pebax® films.



Kynar® PVDF fibers can be woven into socks and other garments for outstanding durability, and added sweat and odor resistance. For garments, Kynar® PVDF outperforms ETFE, PP, and PA6 and also has great washing resistance and abrasion/friction resistance, which could potentially lead to fewer blisters. For no-sew applications Platamid® hot melt adhesives are available in filament, web, and film form. Pebax® resins can also be spun into fibers, which produce elastomeric, cool-touch properties for sports apparel. For 100% biobased textiles, Rilsan® PA11 can be used. PA11 textiles have excellent abrasion resistance and cold temperature performance, which is great for lightweight parachutes and sails.


Solutions from the Pebax® family offer extreme lightweight performance. Compared to alternatives like TPU and COPE these solutions can be up to 20% lighter. The strong mechanical properties of Pebax® elastomers can also allow for thinner designs, reducing even more weight and costs.

Pebax® Density

Energy Return

Yes, there is science to support it! Pebax® elastomers exhibit a lower energy loss factor when relaxed after being stressed compared to TPU. This means athletes with a shoe or cleat with Pebax® TPE in it will get more out of every step.

Pebax® Energy Loss Factor


Shock resistance, enduring elasticity, toughness, and flexibility are important for any sports application. Long-lasting Pebax® solutions maintain these properties in cold and hot conditions, so no matter what the season, athletes can rely on consistent performance from their equipment.


The growing Pebax® Clear range provides all the same benefits you'd expect from a classical Pebax® resin with the added characteristic of transparency. This allows for more design flexibility, making the equipment look as good as it can perform.

Pebax® Clear grades:

  • Pebax® Clear 300 (Datasheet US/SI)
  • Pebax® Clear 400 (Datasheet US/SI)
  • Pebax® Clear 600 (Datasheet US/SI)
  • Pebax® Clear 1200 (Datasheet US/SI)


Pebax® Clear Transmittance

Strength & Rigidity

When more strength and rigidity is needed, glass or carbon fibers can be compounded with Pebax® and Rilsan® resins. The lower density of carbon fiber compared to glass fiber makes for a much lighter structure.


Rigidity of Glass Fiber and Carbon Fiber Grades


For even more lightweight performance, injection foaming for direct injection molding is possible with some Pebax® grades. This can add significant flexibility and fatigue resistance while maintaining rapid response/recovery and a low compression set. Several partners are using this technology today. Contact our team for more information.

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