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On-the-go, wearable technology is rapidly growing and creating the need for materials that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.

Wearable arm band and EKG Monitor Screen

Fitness Tracking

Fitness tracking devices require many properties including comfort, durability, sweat resistance, and low density.  The Kynar®, Pebax®, and Rilsan® product families contain a wide variety of solutions that can be used in applications such as smart watch bands, protective cases, and internal (structural) components.  See the unique properties each of these families offers below.

Health Monitoring

One of the fastest growing areas of wearable technology is in the healthcare industry. Devices that can monitor patients 24/7 and sustain reliable high performance require materials that do just the same.  Chemical resistance, comfort, and medical certifications are important attributes for these materials.  The Pebax®, Rilsan®, Rilsamid®, and Rilsan® Clear MED ranges have USP VI certification and should be considered when starting your next product development.

Kynar® Fluoropolymers

For extreme chemical resistance and durability, Kynar® fluoropolymers have a proven track record of over 50 years in some of the world's harshest conditions. Most fluoropolymers are inherently smooth, which adds a layer of comfort for those wearing the devices.

Key properties

  • Chemical resistance

  • Stain resistance

  • UV resistance

  • Smooth aspect

  • Rigid and Flexible grades available


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Pebax® Elastomers

A wide range of hardness and flexibilities are available in the Pebax® elastomer range from 20 Shore D to greater than 70 Shore D. These tailored resins allow for customized soft-touch with the added benefits of chemical resistance and enduring elasticity

Key properties

  • Lightweight

  • Wide range of hardness and flexibility

  • Soft touch

  • Chemical resistance

  • Transparent grades available


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Rilsan® Polyamides

For more rigid components in wearable devices the Rilsan® polyamide family offers many solutions, including glass fiber and carbon fiber filled grades. When designing internal components that must keep a low profile, but maintain high strength and rigidity, Rilsan® polyamides may just do the trick.

Key properties

  • Lightweight

  • High strength

  • Rigid to Very Rigid grades (glass fiber, carbon fiber filled)

  • Chemical resistance

  • Transparent grades available


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