Wire & Cable

Rilsan® polyamide resins and Kynar® / Kynar Flex® fluoropolymer resins offer a wide range of extreme properties to suit the most demanding needs of the wire & cable industry. 


Rilsan® resins are long chain polyamides that offer exceptional performance compared to short chain polyamides including chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, and low density. Kynar® resins retain excellent physical properties in adverse chemical and thermal environments allowing them to be used when more flexibility and toughness are required. The chemical resistance of Kynar® and Kynar Flex® PVDF resins allows for use in corrosive chemical, acid and extreme temperature environments. Kynar® resins also provide exceptional abrasion resistance, excellent UV resistance, inherent flame resistance, and low smoke generation

For Truly Extreme Performance:

To learn more about Kepstan® PEKK resins for truly exceptional high heat, chemical resistance, and outstanding flame, smoke & toxicity properties, click here. 

Various colored cables with exposed wires.

Key Applications

  • Data Communication
  • Plenum Cables
  • Military/Defense
  • Cable Connectors 
  • NYC Local Law 5 Compliant Cables (150°C rated)
  • Power Limited Cables
  • Automotive
  • Mining Cables
  • Cathodic Protection Cables
  • Plastic Optical Fibers
  • Fiber Optic Raceways
  • Heat Shrinkable Tubing
Cables with multiple levels of casings.

Key Characteristics of Various Grades

  • Produces very little smoke and self extinguishing when exposed to fire conditions
  • Excellent resistance to most chemicals
  • Excellent cut-through resistance
  • Low cold flow
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Anti-rodent and anti-termite protection
  • Higher melt point than many other polymers used in wire and cable applications
  • 150°C RTI Rating
  • Wide range of flexural modulus

Application Focus: Kynar® PVDF Cathodic Protection Cables

  • Critical to prevent corrosion and protect your investment
  • Protect your important infrastructure assets such as storage tanks, steel pipelines, deep wells, oil tanks, steel piped, well casings and marine craft
  • Kynar® PVDF is a proven solution that offers superior resistance to abrasion, cuts, and chemicals (including sulfuric acid, chlorine, and hydrochloric acid)
  • Various grades available can be tailored to specific applications/conditions
  • Complete UL® listings
  • Readily available inventory
Cathodic Protection Cables for Steel Pipelines

Focus On: Benchmark Products in the Wire & Cable Market

Product Focus: Kynar® PVDF

Flame, Smoke and Heat Resistance

The excellent flame, smoke, and heat resistance properties of Kynar® PVDF are naturally achieved through its chemical structures, requiring no additives. Virgin Kynar® resin does not easily burn and will self-extinguish when the flame source is removed making it ideal for building plenum applications. Its high mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, and cut-through resistance allow Kynar® PVDF to maintain the integrity of the cable insulation and to withstand the abuses during the installation of plenum cable. In addition to fire performance, many grades of Kynar® PVDF are rated at 150°C RTI and are NYC Local Law 5 Compliant. 


The inherent fire performance of Kynar® PVDF can be further improved by modifying the polymer. These constructions generate almost no smoke and no flame spread when tested to UL 910/NFPA 262, UL 2024 and NFPA 255 methods. 


Plenum area of building showing cables and pipes

Kynar® and Kynar Flex® Grades - Melting Temperature vs. Flexural Modulus

Melting Temperature vs. Flexural Moduls of various Kynar® and Kynar Flex® grades

Other Kynar® PVDF Properties Valued in the Wire & Cable Industry

  • Chemical Resistance
  • Flexibility
  • 150°C Rating
  • Easy processing
  • Foaming ability
  • Crosslinking ability
  • Injection molding ability


Produced in the Americas, Asia and Europe, Kynar® PVDF will be available when having a responsive supply chain counts. 

Product Focus: Rilsan® PA11

Produced from castor oil, Rilsan® PA11 is a high-performance polymer of 100% renewable origin


Rilsan® PA11 contains exceptional properties valued in the Wire & Cable Industry:

  • Short-circuit resistance
  • Mold and fungus resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Termite and rat resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Easy processing
  • Very smooth surface finish


An industry standard for over 50 years, Rilsan® PA11 is a trusted product for Wire & Cable applications. With production in the Americas, Asia and Europe, Rilsan® PA11 will be available when and where you need it. 


Speak with an Arkema Technical Representative about extrusion grade Rilsan® PA11 and Rilsamid® PA12 products for the wire & cable industry today!


Rilsan® BESNO TL

(Datasheet US/SI)

Rilsan® AECV Black T8L

Rilsan® BECV Blue T8L

(Datasheet US/SI)

Rilsan® BESNO P40 TL

(Datasheet US/SI)

Rilsan® Clear G170

(Datasheet US/SI)

Rilsan® MD3000

Rilsamid® AECNO

(Datasheet US/SI)


Cable sheathing eaten by termites

Electrical cable eaten by termites

Phone cables protected by Rilsan® PA11 sheathing

Electrical cable protected by Rilsan makes it resistant to termites.Rilsan® PA11

Focus On: Innovation at Arkema

Product Focus: Kynar®2620 FC (Kynar® Foam)

Cross section of Kynar® 2620 FC

Kynar® 2620 FC foam concentrate is designed specifically for use in Kynar® PVDF resins for continuous extrusion applications. This technology is not limited to wire and cable. Foamed products using this technology show preferred properties such as flexibility, strippability, thermal insulation, reduced shrinkback, compressibility, and weight reduction. Targeted markets for wire and cable are low cost and flexible plenum cables, microducts, lighter wires for the transportation industry, and protective corrosion resitant cables at a reduced cost than typically associated with fluoropolymer jackets.


Product Focus: Apolhya® Polymers

Graph showing E, MPA versus temperature of various Apolhya® grades

Apolhya® products are soft polyolefin based thermoplastic materials which due to their specific chemistry and process can be designed for specific applications with tailored properties (flexibility & hardness, cold impact properties, rheology, etc...). Apolhya® polymers are particularly suitable for cable sheathing (class T4). They require no curing for processing, and have high flexibility, good impact properties, good thermomechanical behavior, good creep resistance, high oxidation resistance, electrical insulation, low density, high LOI, and possible low fume toxicity and opacity.  


Apolhya® grades LB21 HFFR, LP81 HFFR, and LP91HFFR have the following intrinsical fire properties: V-0 ranking according to UL94, a High LOI (36% or more), and low fume acidity and conductivity according to IEC 60754-2. Fine tuning of fire properties possible for specific application (V-1, V-2...); UL94 V-2 version can pass ISO 6722 / VW1 (flame propagation)


Product Focus: Kynar Flex® 3030

Melting Point versus Flexural Modulus of Various Kynar® Grades



Kynar Flex® 3030 (Datasheet US/SI) is a superior product for Wire & Cable applications providing high flexibility (Flexural Modulus of 36 - 42 psi), high melting point (162°C), with exceptional low temperature impact performance (2800 - 3600 psi tensile stress @ break). Kynar Flex® 3030 is ideal for indoor/outdoor and plenum applications with Arkema FR Technology included. 


Product Focus: Orgalloy® Polyamide Alloys

Downhole cable made with Orgalloy® for the Oil and Gas Market

A polyamide based alloy with a dispersed polyolefin phase, Orgalloy® grades are easy to process at high productivity rates. Intrinsically, they present a good weather resistance, delaying the whitening and micro-cracking phenomena known to occur in polyamides.


Orgalloy® LE, LT, R, and RS grades have the following characteristics ideal for various Wire & Cable applications:

  • Low density
  • Thermal resistance
  • Low moisture uptake
  • High chemical resistance
  • Barrier properties
  • Dimensional stability


Orgalloy® grades have properties ideal for the below applications:

Fiber optic cable made with Orgalloy®

 Off-shore cable outer sheathing:

  • Replaces EVA / PVC with lead sheathing, allowing a gain in weight and in flexibility with only one layer
  • Excellent resistance to both water & hydrocarbons
  • Low friction coefficient


Profile & tape plastic protections:

  • Good resistance to both water & hydrocarbons
  • Low abrasion & friction
  • Low creeping

Focus On: Grades for Various Applications

A wide range of grades exist for various applications.

Click below to view some of the various grades of Kynar® PVDF, Kynar Flex®, Orgalloy® and Rilsan® Resins available depending on your specific needs. 


For a full list of Grades and Applications download the Wire & Cable Applications brochure below or visit the TPA Materials Database. 

Rilsan® Polyamide Resin Grades


Rilsan® BESNO TL (Datasheet US/SI) Rilsan® AECV Black T8L 
Rilsan® BECV Blue T8L (Datasheet US/SI) Rilsan® BESNO P40 TL (Datasheet US/SI)
Rilsan® Clear G170 (Datasheet US/SI) Rilsan® MD3000 
Rilsamid® AECNO (Datasheet US/SI)  



For a full list of Rilsan® Grades and Applications visit the TPA Materials Database below. 

Kynar® and Kynar Flex® Grades

Kynar® 450 
Kynar® 460 (Datasheet US/SI)
Easiest processing material for extrusion crosslinking. 150°C rating. Kynar® 460 can be used as an additive to Kynar Flex® 3120 to aid processing. Kynar® 450 is high molecular weight.
Kynar Flex® 2750 - 01 (Datasheet US/SI) Very flexible, high molecular weight for crosslinking applications. 125°C rated.
Kynar Flex® 2850 - 00 (Datasheet US/SI)
Kynar Flex® 2850 - 02 
Kynar Flex® 2850 - 07 (Datasheet US/SI)
Mildly stiff with 150°C rating. - 00 is high molecular weight. - 02 is medium molecular weight for thinner wall processing with smoke suppressant. - 07 is medium molecular weight natural material suitable for extrusion or injection molding.
Kynar Flex® 2950 - 05 (Datasheet US/SI) Very flexible and easy to process on wire & cable. Very flame and smoke resistant. Low shrinkage over fiber optic cable. 125°C rated.
Kynar Flex® 2800 - 00 (Datasheet US/SI) 125°C rated. High molecular weight for crosslinking.
Kynar Flex® 2800 - 20 (Datasheet US/SI) Higher melt flow rate for increased production rate and smoothness vs. Kynar Flex® 2800 - 00. Suitable for injection molding.
Kynar Flex® 2900 - 04 (Datasheet US/SI) Good flame and smoke properties. Used mostly for plenum conduits (raceway) to protect fiber optics. 125°C rated.
Kynar Flex® 3120 - 50 (Datasheet US/SI)
Kynar Flex® 3120 - 10 (Datasheet US/SI)
Kynar Flex® 3120 - 15 (Datasheet US/SI)
150°C rated with the same flexibility as Kynar Flex® 2800/2900 with additional benefit of low temperature impact resistance. -10 is low viscosity and -15 is smoke suppressed. Good for crosslinking. For injection molding recommend Kynar Flex® 3120 -10.
Kynar SuperFlex® 2500 - 20 (Datasheet US/SI)
Kynar SuperFlex® 2500 - 25 
Lower melt point and very flexible. - 20 clear. - 25 designed for plenum cable use and is opaque off-white.
Kynar® 340 (Datasheet US/SI)
Kynar® 3312C (Datasheet US/SI)
Conductive grade using carbon additives (black). Stiff. Conductive grade using carbon Additives (black). Somewhat flexible and high melt flow rate.
Kynar Ultraflex B®  Most flexible. Kink resistant. Lower melting point and blendable with other resins.
Kynar® 2620 FC  Foaming concentrate used for all grades to lower weight, lower cost, increase flexibility, and improve strippability. Can generally be used without equipment modification.

Kynar Flex® 3030-10 (Datasheet US/SI)        

Kynar Flex® 3030-10 (Datasheet US/SI)

Kynar Flex® 3030 provides high flexibility (Flexural Modulus of 36 - 42 psi), high melting point (162°C), with exceptional low temperature impact performance (2800 - 3600 psi tensile stress @ break). Kynar Flex® 3030 is ideal for indoor/outdoor and plenum applications with Arkema FR Technology included.


For a full list of Kynar® Grades and Applications download the Wire & Cable Applications brochure below or visit the TPA Materials Database. 


Orgalloy® Grades

Orgalloy® EM 067 (Datasheet US/SI) Orgalloy® LE 6000 (Datasheet US/SI)


For a full list of Orgalloy® Grades and Applications visit the TPA Materials Database below. 

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