Wire & Cable


Arkema Inc. offers a wide range of resin grades for various wire and cable applications. These resins come in pellets or powder for ease of compounding depending on your equipment.  For information on your specific requirements, choose one of the tabs below.

Key Wire and Cable Applications

  • Data communication
  • Plenum cables and conduit
  • Military / Defense
  • Cable connectors 
  • NYC local law 5 compliant cables (150°C rated)
  • Power limited cables
  • Automotive cables
  • Mining cables
  • Cathodic protection cables
  • Fiber cable jackets
  • Fiber microducts
  • Cable ties
  • Buffer tubes
  • Furcation tubes
  • Heat shrinkable tubing

Key Characteristics of Various Grades

  • Produces very little smoke and self extinguishing when exposed to fire conditions
  • Excellent resistance to most chemicals
  • Excellent cut-through resistance
  • Low cold flow
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Anti-rodent and anti-termite protection
  • Higher melt point than many other polymers used in wire and cable applications
  • 150°C RTI Rating
  • Wide range of flexural modulus
  • Efficient crosslinking capabilities

Wire & Cable Product Range

PVDF and PVDF copolymers


Long Chain Polyamides



Polyether Block Amides


Polyamide Alloys


Polyether Ketone Ketone (PEKK)


Polyamide Grafted Polyolefins

  • Thermal stability
  • Chemial resistance
  • Mechancal strength
  • Low flame and smoke toxicity
  • Excellent wear properties
  • More infomation on this resin    
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