Device Components

Certain grades of Rilsan® Clear, Rilsan® XD, Kepstan® PEKK, and Pebax® Rnew® resins have complementing attributes such as rigidity/softness, lightweight/durability, transparency/coloration, and ease of processing making them ideal for multiple applications in electronic device components. 

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Specific Properties

  • Straightforward processing of complex injection molded parts
  • Lightweight
  • Dimensional stability
  • Impact resistance  
  • Chemical stability



  • Mobile and laptop bodyparts
  • Headphone components
  • Internal phone components
  • Mobile protective casings
  • Virtual reality device components 
  • Augmented reality device components
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Focus on: Rilsan® Clear

Rilsan® Clear resins offer high transparency, lightweight, flexibility, chemical resistance, and easy processing. Used for aesthetic and glossy parts, Rilsan® Clear has numerous applications when the job calls for extreme performance and beautiful design. 


Specific Grades to Explore:

  • Rilsan® Clear G120 Rnew® - (Datasheet US/SI) high chemical and stress cracking resistance; injection molding
  • Rilsan® Clear G170 - (Datasheet US/SI) outstanding thermal resistance; injection molding and extrusion
  • Rilsan® Clear G820 - high chemical resistance and flowability for thin wall injection 
  • Rilsan® Clear G850 Rnew® - (Datasheet US/SI) high fatigue and stress cracking resistance; injection molding

Focus on: Rilsan® XZM50

Part of the Rilsan® XD line of products Rilsan® XZM50 is a super-rigid grade which is lightweight, impact resistant and has excellent processability. These attributes allow it to replace metal components in various electronics while not compromising mechanical strength or performance.



Focus on: Pebax® Products

Pebax® products provide easy processing ability, soft and flexible attributes, along with durability ideal for certain protective cases and cables. Combined with the more rigid grades of Rilsan®, the creative possibilities for device components are limitless


Multiple grades of Pebax® polymers can be considered for electronic components; contact an Arkema representative today to see how it can be applied to your products!



For Truly Extreme Performance:

Kepstan® PEKK resins offer tremendous heat resitance, low friction and wear characteristics, outstanding mechanical & electrical properties, as well as excellent flame and smoke (and toxicity) profiles. 

Ideally suited for test sockets, integrated circuit wafer production and handling equipment, insulating film, and wire & cable coatings.

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