Megane Ichiba launches a new collection of eyeglasses FREE FiT made with Rilsan Clear polymer

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On December 14, Megane Top Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called Megane Top), one of the largest optical retailers in Japan, launched its new eyeglasses FREE FiT made with Rilsan Clear polymer. New collection FREE FiT is now available in Megane Ichiba stores all over the country and online.

Megane Top, which sells eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, and other eyeglass-related products, uses bio-based raw material Rilsan Clear resin for the first time for its new FREE FiT eyeglasses released on December 14.




Since 2016, Arkema has been supporting the cultivation of castor beans (the raw material for Rilsan® Clear resin) through the Pragati Program in Gujarat, India. The Rilsan® Clear polymers are the first bio-based transparent polyamides and the perfect materials for consumers looking for outstanding performance plus a lower carbon footprint.


Megane Top has recently invested much effort into the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  For example, they are improving the recyclability of their products and contributing to social activities for children.


New collection FREE FiT launched on December 14, 2020

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    New FREE FiT collection - 4 colours x 4 designs
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    New FREE FiT collection・Eyeglasses case made from recyclde paper
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    New FREE FiT collection



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