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Arkema - A Leader in Sustainable Castor Derivatives

Arkema is a world leader in high performance castor oil derivatives. Most notably, Arkema produces some of the worlds highest performing polymers derived from castor based monomers (especially its flagship amino 11 chemistry). Further, Arkema is a leading global supplier of associated oleochemicals also derived from sustainable castor oil:

  • C7 and C11 cuts with a mixture of natural fatty acid esters. Arkema's unique process has been used at our Marseille, France plant for decades. And now, Arkema has announced a world scale expansion to produce these products in Singapore around the end of 2021.


Arkema is a Founding Member of Pragati:
The World's First Sustainable Castor Program

The goal of the Pragati project is to to enable sustainable castor crop production by:

  • Using good agricultural practices to increase yield and farmer income
  • Efficiently using water resources, and maintenance of soil fertility
  • Driving the adoption of good waste management practices
  • Enabling better health and safety practices, and respecting human rights