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  • CAS number: 111-14-8
  • Chemical name: n-Heptanoic acid
  • Common name: n-Heptylic acid, Oenanthic acid, Heptanoic acid

Arkema is a Founding Member of Pragati:
The World's First Sustainable Castor Program

The goal of the Pragati project is to enable sustainable castor crop production.

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Key Properties

  • Purity ≥ 99%
  • 100% of vegetable oil origin (derived from castor oil)
  • 100% linear and saturated carbon chain
  • Chemical formula: CH3-(CH2)5-COOH

Main Applications

Thanks to its outstanding anti-corrosion properties and its unique performance level at high and low temperatures, bio-based Oleris® n-heptanoic acid is mainly used in lubricants in refrigeration/air conditioning, aviation, aerospace, automotive, etc.

Also, it has interesting applications in the form of esters in the flavors and fragrances industry as well as in cosmetics.

Lubricant Applications

Seven carbon atoms in the linear chain yields a good balance in terms of low viscosity at low temperature and low volatility at high temperature.

Oleris® n-heptanoic acid is used in lubricants in the form of esters (e.g. neopolyol ester) with:

  • Improved fluidity at low temperature, higher than with nearby C6/C8/C10
  • High thermal stability
  • Good resistance to oxidation

These esters are used primarily in applications for the automotive sector (car motor oils), in metalworking fluids, and as plasticizers etc.

Flavors and Fragrances Applications

Oleris® n-Heptanoic acid, of 100% of vegetable origin (bio-based), is used as a chemical intermediate in the synthesis of esters from C1 to C9 alcohols. These esters present fruity, green, herbal or floral notes.

More than 25 aromatic esters from heptanoic acid are possible, like:

  • In flavors: Ethyl heptanoate or allyl heptanoate with fruity or pineapple notes are commonly used

  • In fragrances: Nonyl heptanoate is particulary appreciated for its orange floral rose notes

Cosmetic Applications

Oleris® n-Heptanoic acid is used as a chemical intermediate in the synthesis of bio-based cosmetics:

  • Emollients
  • Skin conditioning agents
  • Viscosity controlling agent

Like Stearyl heptanoate, Glyceryl triheptanoate, etc.
INCI name: heptanoic acid

Anti-corrosion Applications

Oleris® n-Heptanoic acid is a very effective corrosion inhibitor to protect copper, iron, aluminum and zinc when used as a salt derivative (sodium heptanoate).
This heptanoic acid shows good stability in hard water which prevents the precipitation of calcium.

This salt of heptanoic acid is widely used in:

  • Metalworking fluids
  • Water-based hydraulic fluids for anti-freeze application
  • Industrial water-based refrigerants
  • Temporary protection
  • Anticorrosion additive for paints
  • Cutting oils

Oleris® n-heptanoic acid certifications

  • Oleris® n-heptanoic acid is Kosher certificated, free of BSE-TSE and is GMO free
  • Oleris® n-heptanoic acid is compliant with the raw materials standard that can be used in the formulation of cosmetics certified according to the Natural and Organic ECOCERT standard, and meets the specifications of the Food Chemical Codex, but is not intended for use as a direct food ingredient
  • For industrial use only

Arkema is a Founding Member of Pragati:
The World's First Sustainable Castor Program

The goal of the Pragati project is to to enable sustainable castor crop production by:

  • Using good agricultural practices to increase yield and farmer income
  • Efficiently using water resources, and maintenance of soil fertility
  • Driving the adoption of good waste management practices
  • Enabling better health and safety practices, and respecting human rights