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Pebax® TPE - a Polymer in MotionTM

Lighter = Faster

Sports brands across the globe often choose Pebax® grades for their extreme light weight. 


Low Hysteresis

Hysteresis is defined as the energy lost during a cyclic mechanical stress of a material and is a function of the modulus and the loss factor, tan ∂. The particular microstructure of Pebax® resins contributes to their lower hysteresis and tan ∂ when compared to other thermoplastic elastomers, as shown in the graph to the right:

Consistency of Response Over a Wide Temperature Range

As outlined in the following graph, unlike competitve elastomeric resins, Pebax® polymers demonstrate a far more consistent flexural response (modulus) over a range of temperatures - i.e. far less stiffening at low temperatures, far less softening at higher temperatures.

A Range of Flexibilities

Depending on the application, a certain flexibility value may be prefered. So Pebax® polymers are available in a wide range of Shore Hardness (ISO 178 method) values:

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