Regulatory Approvals

Rilsan® coatings have been used in water treatment plants and in fluid transportation systems since 1967. Rilsan® PA11 provides protection from corrosion, mechanical impacts, and chemicals, while preserving water quality.

Potable Water Certifications

Rilsan® coatings meet the requirements of the various regulations regarding the suitability of materials in contact with drinking water.


Grades meeting the following regulations are commercially available:

  • France (circular DGS/VS4/N°99.217)
  • United Kingdom (WRAS and DWI certifications)
  • Germany (KTW and W270 certifications)
  • Netherlands (ATA certification)
  • United States (NSF 61 listing)
  • Japan (Ministry of Health)
  • Australia (AS4020 certification)
  • Russia (Ministry of Health)
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