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With the Rilsan® Fine Powders mobile app, Arkema provides its powder coatings applicators with a helpful tool to support future projects.  The iOS mobile app allows for quick communication with the Arkema technical service team and also hosts literature, videos, and product data sheets.

A Multi-Faceted Tool

New Application

In the New Application section of the mobile app, users can submit requests, calculate primer and powder recommendations, and request for quotes.  The request function consists of a short list of questions that will draft an email for users to send to the Arkema technical team.  This will allow our engineers to understand each user’s unique conditions so that a recommendation can be quickly issued to help develop the user’s new project.

The recommendation function can calculate both primer and powder grade recommendations based on a few user inputs.  Potable water and food contact certifications are among the possible inputs users can provide to help the app narrow down what materials are best for your application.

Once users have determined the grade(s) most suitable for their application, there is a seamless transition to request for quote directly to Arkema’s customer service.  This assures a quick communication and saves applicators precious time needed in the powder coating industry.

Technical Support

The mobile app’s Technical Support section provides a similar submit request function to the New Application section, as well as a quick troubleshooting guide.  Like for new applications, applicators who are experiencing issues or need advice from Arkema’s technical experts can answer a few questions that provides our engineers with the answers needed to make a recommendation.  This survey is designed to keep applicators efficient by opening the communication channels and making it possible for quicker and easier engagements with Arkema’s technical service team.

Quick troubleshooting is also possible with a few simple tap in the iOS app.  This troubleshooting guide illustrates a number of scenarios that could be encountered when ineffectively coating with Rilsan® Fine Powders and their associated remedies.  


The app hosts a wide Media library of videos, literature, and data sheets, which allows users to both learn more about these polyamide coatings and also easily find the information they need when developing new projects.


The Help section of the app provides two very simple functions.  If at any time the user need more clarification on certain functions of the app, the help section provides function explanations for the entire app.  The second use of the help section is to simply contact Arkema.  Here users can draft an email to Arkema with any comments or questions regarding Rilsan® Fine Powders.

Designed with our Approved Coating Applicators (ACA) in Mind

Across the globe, Arkema has a wide network of ACAs to support the Rilsan® Fine Powders polyamide 11 powder coating products.  These coaters have been audited and trained by Arkema’s technical service team and are certified proficient in the application of Rilsan® Fine Powders for end-use applications.  With our ACAs in mind, Arkema has designed this mobile application to shorten development cycles and save time on the floor when working through technical scenarios.  Now more than ever, Rilsan® Fine Powders PA11 coatings can be used to protect metal parts against corrosion, chemicals, abrasion, and varying environmental conditions.