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Polyamide Resins for an Extreme World

Flagship Rilsan® PA11 and Complementary Resins & Alloys

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A Broad Portfolio

For over 70 years, Arkema has been a world leader in specialty biobased polyamides derived from Castor Oil. Rilsan® PA11 has become the global reference point when it comes to flexible polyamide resins with outstanding impact, durability and chemical resistance properties. Its crystalline morphology allows Rilsan® PA11 to differentiate itself compared to 'similar' petroleum based alternatives.

Arkema offers a wide array of natural, pigmented, filled, plasticized and alloyed grades depending on the application. Also included in this portfolio is Arkema's award winning Rilsan® HT (high temperature performance) and Rilsan® Clear transparent series.


To complement this portfolio, Arkema offers a selection of Rilsan® S (PA610) and Rilsan® T (PA1010) grades and Tieflex alloys. We also offer a portfolio of petroleum based alternatives under the Rilsamid® and Orgalloy® brand names.

Extreme Properties

For decades, Rilsan polymers have proven themselves in some of the world's most demanding applications. Giant flexible subsea oil production lines and underbody automotive fuel lines are just two examples requiring an unmatched combination of extreme performance properties.


  • Flexibility
  • Impact resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Long lasting toughness & durability
  • Low moisture pickup
  • Excellent dimensional stability




With its feedstock sourced 100% from the oil of the castor bean, Rilsan® PA11 is a biobased polymer. Castor bean is grown in arid landscapes that are difficult to cultivate. The castor bean crop does not compete with the human or animal food chain.

What's the Difference?

Rilsan® PA11

Higher Melt Point, Lower Fuel Permeability and Better Impact Properties Compared to PA12. More flexible, Better Dimensional Stability & Better Impact Properties Compared to Short Chain Polyamides

> See chemical resistance of Rilsan® PA11

Tough and flexibleJPG
  • Toughness
  • Impact resistance
  • Low moisture pickup
  • Improved dimensional stability


Choose a product from the list below.

Rilsan® PA11 - Biobased, Premium Performance

Rilsan® PA11 is a homopolymer of amino-undecanoic acid monomer. Arkema manufactures this monomer exclusively from the oil of the castor bean, meaning that Rilsan® PA11 is 100% biobased.


Rilsan® PA11 is often chosen for its improved impact properties (particularly at low temperatures) compared to traditional PA12 resins. Typical extreme applications include automotive and truck applications and onshore & offshore applications.

Rilsan® HT - High Temperature Series

Rilsan® HT polymers offer the flexibility, lightness and resistance properties of PA11 but at a far higher service life temperature rating.


Often referred to as "the flexible polyphthalamide (PPA)". Partially biobased! Typical applications include flexible under-the-hood automotive powertrain components. Often used to replace metal/rubber combinations for greater versatility and weight savings.

Rilsan® Clear - High Transparency Series

Rilsan® Clear polymers are more transparent than glass, substantially lighter than competitive transparent polymers like polycarbonate or PMMA, optionally 'partially-biobased' and are flexible. They are BPA and BPS free. Certain grades are NSF 51 approved for food and beverage applications.


Typical applications include eyewear frames, impact resistant lenses, transparent fuel filter housing, appliance tubing, and breathing masks.

Tieflex Alloys for Multilayer Solutions

Tielfex alloys are proprietary blends of short, medium and long chain polyamide structures designed to act as mid-layers (self adhesive tielayers) or inner layers in low permeation fuel structures, multilayer airbrake tubing and high temperature fluid delivery systems

Rilsan® S and T Complementary Biobased* Solutions

Rilsan® S PA610 is a partially biobased semi crystalline polyamide resin that offers a 'compromise of long chain and short chain polyamide properties'. Typical applications include industrial monofilaments and automotive applications that do not require tremendous chemical resistance or flexibility.


Rilsan® T PA1010 is a fully biobased polyamide resin with a higher melting temperature than traditional long chain polyamide resins (i.e. PA12) but slightly less flexible and less chemically resistant. Typical applications include pneumatic tubing and heavy duty industrial powder coatings.


* Partially or fully biobased


Rilsamid® PA12 and Range of Petroleum Based Alternatives

Rilsamid® PA12 is a petroleum based long chain polyamide polymer that offers a compromise of properties between lower end PA6 / PA66 resins and high end Rilsan® PA11 i.e. improved moisture pickup, flexibility and chemical resistance compared to short chained alternatives, but generally lower impact resistance than PA11.


Orgalloy® Alloys

Orgalloy® grades are proprietary compatibilized alloys of PA6 and functionalized polyolefins. They are designed to offer improved dimensional stability, lower density and better mechanical properties than PA6 and PA66 resins.

Flagship Applications

Real world examples of extreme performance.

Automotive - Extrusion, Molding

Our polymers and alloys are used in a huge array of molded and extruded applications for the automotive and transportation market. From heavy duty air brake tubing, to multilayer fuel lines and metal tube coatings, we offer a wide selection of solutions for the most extreme applications. Metal and rubber replacement and light weighting are common themes in our portfolio.


> Visit the automotive applications page.


Oil & Gas - Exploration, Production and Distribution

Extreme materials for subsea umbilicals, risers and flow lines. We are the unique manufacturer of both Kynar® fluoropolymers and Rilsan® polyamide 11 solutions for these extremely demanding applications. We also offer a wide array of solutions for fuel storage, onshore oil & gas production, and natural gas distribution.


> Visit the oil & gas applications page.

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