Orgasol® additives for PVC floor coatings

Although PVC flooring has good abrasion and scratch resistance properties, adding a protective polyurethane layer can increase these strengths and improve cleanability and durability.

Manufacturers of PVC floorings are mainly interested in anti-slip properties and easy-to-clean surfaces that meet strict safety rules (R9 to R12). Orgasol® powder is often incorporated in the polyurethane top coating to enhance these properties in PVC flooring.


Orgasol® additives make cleaning easier. Specific Orgasol® powder grades, with an average particle size from 5 to 60 microns, enable manufacturers to customize the ratio of particle size to dry film thickness of polyurethane layer to create an easy-to-clean, non-slip texture.


Orgasol® powder can also be a solution to create matte finishes, with very low gloss. This gloss control property is of particular interest because, unlike silica, Orgasol® powder has no impact on the viscosity level of UV curable 100% solid formulations, while improving abrasion, scratch, and stain resistance.


Even in PVC flooring with a good initial resistance to abrasion and scratches, the use of Orgasol® powder will improve performance, especially in high traffic areas, or when low gloss finishes are required.


Orgasol® powder also improves stain and scuff resistance, especially when the average particle size of the polyamide powder is greater than the thickness of the polyurethane layer.


Orgasol® powder is easily dispersed in polyurethane formulations, whether solvent based, water based or 100% solid UV/EB curable formulations.

Technical data sheets of recommended grades:

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