Orgasol® additives for sport floor coatings

All sports flooring (wood, PVC, polyuerethane resins, etc.) must withstand abrasions and scratches while maintaining cleanability and anti-slip properties.  Formulating sports floor coatings with Orgasol® additives will enhance the abrasion and scratch resisitance and improve the cleanability and anti-slip properties.

Due to the high traffic to which sports flooring is exposed, there is a need to improve abrasion resistance and cleanability while maintaining an anti-slip surface.


Orgasol® additive can achieve these three property requirements. Orgasol® powder is often used to reach a combination of abrasion and scratch resistance with anti-slip properties in matte formulations. Orgasol® powder also improves anti-slip properties of wet flooring and improves cleanablility due to it spherical particle shape.


Orgasol® powder is also used as a matting agent. Unlike silica, the gloss control property of Orgasol® powder has negligible impact on the viscosity level of 100% solid UV curable formulations.


Orgasol® powder is easily dispersed, especially in polyurethane and epoxy systems which are the formulations most widely used in the sports flooring market. Orgasol® powder can be used in solvent based, water based, and 100% solid UV/EB curable formulations.

Technical data sheets of recommended grades:

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