복합재 (우주항공 및 자동차)

Kepstan® PEKK 7000 복합 테이프

Kepstan® PEKK Resins for Aircraft Composites

Kepstan® PEKK (polyether-ketone-ketone) resins are typically specified due to their ability to replace metals and consequently dramaitcially lower the weight of the aircraft, resulting in savings due to lower fuel consumption and an improvement in CO2 emissions. These ultra performance polymers demonstrate extreme resistance and durability properties resulting in improved aircraft reliability, long service life, simpler on-demand manufacturing (3D printing is possible) and improved safety (smoke toxicity) in the event of a fire.



Kepstan® resins are often chosen for:

  • Tubings, Clamps, Fittings, Cable Jackets
  • Thermoformable laminates, Brackets, Hinges, Harnesses, Structural Compoonents

Rilsan® Bio-based Polyamide Composites

Unidirectional Rilsan® Matrix tapes are widely chosen for their ability to replace metals in automotive and truck construction. These composite tapes made from glass or carbon filled resins exhibit the extreme performance properties made famous by our traditional Rilsan® polymers - i.e. impact resistance, chemical inertness, tremendous strength at high and low temperature, while also being bio-based.


Arkema is the global leader in high performance bio-based Rilsan® polyamide 11 resins derived from sustainable castor beans. 


The combination of durability, recyclability, and renewability is hard to match.

Orgasol® High Performance Toughening Agents

Orgasol® polyamide 12 powders are manufactured by a highly proprietary process that ensures a tightly controlled particle size distribution and a highly optimized 'spherical' shape. These powders act as toughening agents to limit crack propogation by acting as stress interceptors/shock absorbers to prevent failure due to cyclic fatigue. They also help maintain the thickness of the inter-laminar region during the building of the composite structure and protect against delamination during the life of the part. These additives are most commonly specified in epoxy resin/carbon fiber structures. Speak to an Arkema representative about other composite structures.

Kynar® Glass Filled Fluoropolymers

Arkema has developed proprietary Kynar® UHM technology for applications requiring the traditional extreme resistance and durability properties of Kynar® PVDF plus the ultra high modulus properties afforded by glass fiber filling. These resins are specified in high rigidity applications requiring resistance to strong and corrosive chemicals, prolonged UV exposure, harsh flame and smoke environments, and extended resistance to cyclic fatigue. They are typically processed by conventional thermoplastic equipment.