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Air Brake Tubing

Extreme chemical resistance and long term reliability have made Rilsan® and Rilsamid® polyamide resins a first choices in air brake tubing worldwide for decades. Arkema is constantly innovating to keep its leading position, with tailor-made multi-layer constructions to reach higher performance and optimize cost-performance balance.


Truck driving down the highway.

Extreme Performance

A typical heavy truck uses approximately 300 meters of air brake tubing (including trailer) to ensure safe and efficient braking during a long service lifetime. These brake tubes operate under alternating conditions of long-lasting positive pressure and are designed to operate safely at high and low temperatures. They are also required to demonstrate tremendous mechanical impact resistance and must resist a wide array of chemicals - most notably the aggressive and corrosive zinc chloride salt, a common ingredient in road salt. 

This balance of extreme performance properties makes such tubing also suitable for a wide assortment of heavy duty industrial hydraulic and pneumatic tubing applications.

Important Properties

  • Extreme chemical resistance
  • Long-term reliability
  • Excellent pressure and high/low temperature performance
  • High flexibility
  • Abrasion and wear resistant

Balance of Properties

Air brake material properties

Broad Portfolio


Alternative HIPHL

  • PA1010 - Rilsan® T P413 TL - natural and black

Alternative PHLY

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