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Pebax® Thermoplastic Elastomer Family

Lightweight energy return. 



A Broad Portfolio

Pebax® resins are available in a wide range of hardness values. Several grades are available as either neat or formulated (contain heat and light stabilization packages). All grades are unplasticized.


  • Standard Pebax® (PA12 – based)
  • Pebax® Rnew® (PA11 – based)
  • Pebax® HD (PA6 – based)
  • Pebax® C (PAXY – based)
  • Pebax® Clear (transparent)
  • Pebax® MED (medical applications)
  • Pebax® Hydrophilic
    • Breathable
    • Antistatic


Pebax® polymers are used by many of the world's leading sports apparel brands in high performance cleated and non-cleated sports shoes and sports equipment.


Some Pebax® grades are partially biobased (Pebax® Rnew® series).

Extreme Properties

Pebax® resins are extremely light - usually more than 20% lighter than competitive polymers. They also offer extremely efficient energy return during repeated flexural cycling. They generally exhibit very low levels of hysteresis. This means that a high percentage of the energy put into flexing the polymer (i.e. the step of an athlete) is returned during rebound. This combination of extreme flexural return and extreme lightness makes Pebax® polymers the premium choice for many sporting brands - in shoes and equipment.


Additionally, Pebax® polymers show a broad consistency of flexural reponse over a wide temperature range. This means a relatively consistent performance at higher and lower temperatures. Athletes like this feeling in their shoes; they feel similar response in conditions of heat and cold.


And in a completely different application, doctors often like that catheters made from Pebax® polymers do not "soften" during use - i.e. their response is similar at room temperature and body temperature. 

"Typically 20% lighter than competitive polymers"

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While sports brands like Pebax® polymers for their outstanding combination of properties, there are several other flagship applications listed below that take advantage of these and other unique properties...

Flagship Applications

Sports Applications - Shoes - cleated & non-cleated, Snow Skis, Snow Boots, Sports Equipment

There are many parts of a running shoe that be enhanced with Pebax® elastomers.


Midsole components like the torsion bars and plates, along with other components like heel counters are great applications for Pebax® resins. These lightweight polymers provide high energy return that world champion runners recognize. A wide range from soft and flexible to hard and rigid grades makes for a wide spectrum of uses.


Outsole plates are used widely for cleated footwear. The lightweight rigidity and high energy return of Pebax® TPE is the reason why many professional athletes choose Pebax Powered® cleats. Where extreme rigidity is required like baseball, football, and soccer cleats, glass fiber and carbon fiber (for reduced weight) filled grades are available. For added design flexibility, transparent Pebax® Clear grades are also available.


Pebax® elastomers are the material of choice by some of the most recognized ski boot manufacturers. The Pebax® family consists of grades with varying flexibility and hardness levels, and the option of being partially biobased (Pebax® Rnew® range). The wide range allows for exceptional solutions for apline, cross-country, and touring (freeride) skiing styles.


Equipment makers and wearable 'connected fitness device' makers choose Pebax® elastomers for all the same reasons - extreme lightness, flexural fatigue resistance and ease of processing. Shuttlecocks, Tennis Racket Bumpers, Golf equipment - the list goes on.



Visit the winter sports application page, the sports shoes, equipment & apparel application page or the wearables page

Medical Catheters

The Pebax® MED range of polymers are often used in the construction of highly maneuverable catheters with outstanding torque translation.  


Typical properties include:

USP Class VI* certification
• Sterilization resistance
• Bondable by adhesives or RF welding
• Easily blended with other polymers and compounded with additives
• High torque transference, maneuverability and kink resistance
• Excellent impact resistance and low rigidification at low temperature
• Consistent durometer and flexibility at room and body temperatures
• Good resistance to many harsh chemicals

• Light weight and high maneuverability


Visit the medical device & catheters application page


* Pebax® MED grades have undergone testing in accodance with certain portions of the USP Class VI and/or ISO 10993 standards. Contact us for details.

Breathable Applications - Housewrap Films, Breathable Wound Dressing and More

Certain Pebax® polymer grades are inherently breathable when extruded alone or in combination with otherwise non-breathable resins.


Through very careful choice of proprietary polyether block chemistry within the Pebax® polymer backbone, a continuous molecular channel may be achieved that allows physical transport of water vapor molecules while simultaneously blocking any transport of liquid water. 


Unlike perforated or microporous films, monolithic films made from Pebax polymers do not rely on vapor transport through holes or voids (which enables physical transport in both directions). 


The moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) of the final film may be finely tuned by varying the level of Pebax® polymer within the host material (usually functional polyolefin). 


Typical Applications


  • Medium, High Perm Housewrap
  • Surgical Gowns, Bed Encasements,
  • Surgical Drapes, Masks, Gloves
  • Mattress, Pillow Protectors
  • Packaging
  • Waterproof Apparel


Visit the breathable films application page 

Permanent Antistatic Additives


Certain Pebax polymer grades offer a spectrum of antistatic and static-dissipative properties. 


Unlike many other antistatic technologies, Pebax antistatic polymers are permanent and non-migratory. They form an immediate, continuous non-fugitive 3D network within the host polymer structure. The result is an antistatic blend that may be colored (unlike Carbon black solutions) and is largely independent of relative ambient humidity conditions.


Visit the Pebax permanent antistatic additives application page.

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