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Conveyor Belts, Pulleys and Silent Gears

Pebax® elastomers demonstrate extremely efficient energy return and offer consistent performance across a wide range of tempertures.


Picture of conveyor belt on gears

Pebax® Elastomers Offer Outstanding Energy Return for Optimal Power Transmission

Hysteresis is defined as the energy lost during a cyclic mechanical stress of a material and is a function of the modulus and the loss factor, tan ∂.


The tailored molecular microstructure of Pebax® resins contributes to lower hysteresis and tan ∂ when compared to other commonly used thermoplastic elastomers. The combination of this property (over a wide temperature range) as well as tremendous toughness, light weight and ease of processability make Pebax® resins powerful candidates for highly efficient power transmission belts, pulleys and silent gears.



Close up of plastic gears.

Pebax® Elastomers in Power Transmission Belts and Gears

Pebax® Elastomers Main PropertiesApplicationsPebax® solutions


Low energy dissipated
and heat build-up
High level of power

Belting / Silent

Pebax® 33 series:
25 to 55 ShD grades

Excellent flex
fatigue resistance

Low relaxation

Belting / Silent gears

Pebax® 33 series:
40 to 70 ShD grades

Creep resistance

Pebax® 33 series:
25 to 55 ShD grades

Low vibration
and noise
Low density


Belting / Silent gears

Pebax® 33 series


Easy and strong splicing


Pebax® 33 series

Very precise injection
molding of small parts

Silent gears



Belting / Silent gears

Pebax® 33 series:
40 to 70 ShD grades


Low shrinkage
Low water, oil and
grease absorption

Silent gears

Pebax® 33 series:
40 to 70 ShD grades

Wear resistance
Low coefficient of


Silent gears

Pebax® 33 series:
60 to 70 ShD grades


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Our range of materials is constantly growing.  As the market demands higher performance materials we will continue to develop innovative solutions.  Our global team of engineers is eager to work on new developments and design creative solutions for your material needs.  Contact our team today to start your development.


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