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Kynar® PVDF Tubing and Fittings

For tough chemical applications Kynar Flex® PVDF is a lighter weight and affordable alternative to fully fluorinated polymers. The wide range of available Kynar Flex® resins provide engineers the ability to design around requirements of flexibility, heat resistance, permeation resistance, and chemical resistance.


Tubing installations based on Kynar Flex® PVDF are used in a variety of industries including: chlor-alkali, petrochemical, marine, biopharmaceutical, food, and semi-conductor.

Kynar® Flexible Tubing Key Characteristics


Outstanding Flexibility.

Chemical Stability.


High Purity / Low Extractables.



Flex Modulus of Select Grades

  Flex Modulus* (kpsi)
Kynar SuperFlex® 2500 28 - 40
Kynar Flex® 2750 50 - 70 
Kynar Flex® 2800 80 - 120
Kynar Flex® 2850 150 - 180
Kynar® Homopolymer 240 - 330

*Typical Values, Not Specifications  

Kynar PVDF flexible tubing

Kynar® Tubing Specifications

Type Temperature2 Pressure1 Available Diameters
Flexible Tubing up to 107°C (225°F) vacuum rating up to 2.07Mpa (300 psi) 1.6 - 152.4 mm (1/16" - 6")
Rigid Tubing up to 121°C (250°F) vacuum rating up to 1.59 MPa (230 psi) 3.2 - 324 mm (1/8" - 12-3/4')

Note1: The above Kynar® component temperature, pressure and sizing data are compiled from industry data and are for illustrative purposes only. The actual temperature and pressure ratings of your system, as well as its resistance to chemical attack, are dependent on many environmental factors. Higher operating temperatures will reduce the Kynar® system's maximum operating pressure; higher operating pressures will reduce the system's maximum operating temperature. Higher operating pressures or temperatures may also require increased component wall thickness. Consult your Kynar® component supplier about your system's operating parameters before purchasing a Kynar® system. 

Note 2: Kynar® componetns can withstand continuous temperatures as low as -30°C (-22°F) under certain conditions. Please contact your Kynar® component supplier with specific information about your application to determine the lowest recommended operating temperature of your Kynar® system. 

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