Stain and Chemical Resistance

The Orgasol® and Rilsan® D products provide a multitude of benefits to solvent borne, aqueous, and UV coating formulations. The best fit, from a technical and commercial perspective, is situations when the formulator wants to improve two or more coating performance parameters.  In this section, the focus is on the use of these materials to improve stain resistance.

100% solid UV formulation for chemical resistance

Orgasol® Powder Additive Stain Resistance Spider Chart

A UV formulation was matted with 4.8% silica and Orgasol® 2002 D (20 micron diameter).  Compared to the formulation with silica, the Orgasol® containing formulation exhibited improved Taber resistance and leveling while also improving the resistance of the formulation to soda.

UV topcoat for wood furniture for stain resistance

Orgasol® Additives Stain Resistance in a UV Curable Wood Coating

The improved stain resistance of formulations containing an Orgasol® material is due to the very low oil absorption of the polyamide chemistry.  In the Leneta chart, the biggest improvement in stain performance compared to the standard for a UV topcoat for wood furniture is with coffee and iodine resistance.

1K waterborne topcoat for chemical resistance

Orgasol® Powder Additive Chemical Resistance Spider Chart

Furniture manufacturers test coating performance against a series of beverages and household chemicals.  In the spider graph, the formulation containing Orgasol® 2001 UD Nat 1 (5 micron diameter), improves the stain resistance of the formulation compared to other coating additives, particularly in regards to red wine stain resistance. 

Orgasol® powder in decorative applications

Use of Orgasol® powder in trim paints and premium interior wall paint.

Matting/texturing agent for high end, durable architectural paint.


Due to the improved stain resistance and other enhancements to the coating formulation, an Orgasol® material is formulated into high end interior architectural coatings.  In addition to the improvement in stain resistance due to low oil pick up of the Orgasol® materials, the formulation also exhibits improvement in scrub and wear resistance, block resistance and ease of application.

Property of the paint

Trim Paint

Premium interior wall paint

Orgasol® powder property


Ease of application

Optimum  appearance



Spherical shape of Orgasol® powder

  • Low impact on rheology
  • Improved leveling & ease of formulation
  • Low to medium oil absorption of polyamide

Mechanical Properties

Block resistance (up to 50°C)



Hardness and high melting point of polyamide

  • No tack

Wear resistance




Unique hardness/flexibility properties of polyamide

  • Semi-crystalline Orgasol® polyamide powder


Abrasion resistance



Scratch resistance



Stain & Chemical resistance

to coffee, tea, ink, etc.



Hydrophobia of polyamide

  • Good resistance to hydrophilic stains


to hand cream, alcohol, solvents



Extremely low solvent-soluble & swellable polyamide

  • Good chemical resistance


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