Orgasol® additives for floor coatings

All types of floor substrates, whether wood, PVC, or luxury vinyl tile, must withstand abrasion, scratches, and stains.  So a protective top coat is required. This top protective coating also plays an aesthetic role in terms of gloss and texture.

Shiny Floor Coating

Orgasol® powder is widely used in floor coatings to provide the following benefits:

  • scratch resistance
  • abrasion resistance
  • gloss control
  • mar resistance
  • texture: from smooth to rough
  • anti-slip properties
  • easy to clean surface

To achieve the properties they require, formulators can select from a very broad panel of base resins and application techniques, including solvent-based or water-based, thermal or UV curing.


To achieve the desired texture and gloss, while maintaining the highest standards of abrasion and scratch resistance, coating formulators must choose the right combination of additives.

Orgasol® powders are most often used in these segments:

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